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EyLiot Magazine
- a Second Life expedition between normal and paranormal  -

Not disclosing country of origin, religion or sexual orientation, profession, favorite singer, achievements or failure, name age and fortune - Who are you ?
What would you tell to a perfect stranger ?
Tell us something above any suspicion. Lend us a hand to perceive you behind the curtain.
EyLiot Magazine

Come, grant us an interview !

We will publish your story in EyLiot Magazine so that everybody may touch the essence of what you are.

This Second Life magazine has no borders. Is written in Usual English, each article, leading, interview is constructed and tested so that you may get a good translation by using a common translator - we check the validity of the translations with Google in at least five languages before publishing it.
There is a possibility to offer you accurate translations of our articles.

What brings us together?

The power not to fear people and times.
Eternal search for the truth behind the truth, freedom to be ourselves, breaking the addiction, in search for happiness and light.

Is there something above your understanding?
Try EyLiot and fear no more.

Ieny Kristan

(We need collaborators and translators, please contact me in SL)

NEW ! Our first interview The Macumba Ritual - Talking to the Dead is available for FREE ! DOWNLOAD
"I will explain, but take care not to harm the people!" insisted Abri at our first dialogue about talking to the dead and incorporation. But she only talked two weeks later, after questioning me every single day. "I need to trust you first as you need to trust me" she said. A true story about a journey towards light.>>> see BLOG

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