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Main » 2009 » April » 2 » Talking to the Dead - a Second Life journey with Abricot Capelo
Talking to the Dead - a Second Life journey with Abricot Capelo
8:40 PM

Never crossed my mind to talk to the dead. But don't consider I deny this possibility.

  • First of all, I am firmly convinced about the truth behind various reports.
  • On the other hand I watched on TV or found on the internet, most awkward aspects of this phenomena.

A site for communicating with your dead pet, for example. Do you think that's reasonable?

Well, I don't, I doubt those who publish a site on this theme.
People warning about imminent danger of this practice in 2-3 lines, then starting to teach everybody HOW TO are hardly credible as well.
I don't even read the laborious explanations, I consider them harmful.

Have you almost lost your mind in pain, when someone dear left this world for good and noting can bring him back, close to you? I'm glad if you did not, but some of us did. Those might try the impossible to ... cross the border.
Do you think that would be a good moment to encourage them talk to the dead for example, to tell them everything is possible, all they have to do is wish intensely and visit your website for details?

Still, I was determined to understand the depths of this phenomenon when I dropped into the subject (where else than in a Second Life experience) with Abricot.
When she observed my curiosity became suspicious, started to put all sort of questions, some of personal nature.
She only talked two weeks later, when she understood all substrates of my curiosity, was very concerned her confessions could harm the people, and that's the point where we two meet and think very much alike. 


Meeting Abricot was a strange occurrence - just finished reading a shocking material on incorporation and was striving to explain physically the facts described, when she came and started to help me see the answers, without suggesting them. 

I proposed her an interview, a detailed discussion about spirits, soul, incorporation crossing the barrier between our world and the beyond.
An ample subject.
I first wanted to know under what circumstances she attended her first talk to the dead and she started to tell me about Macumba, a ritual of African origin. First thing I did was to search Wikipedia and the dictionaries, so i noticed that talking to the dead was not clearly explained as making part of those rituals.
That's how, what was supposed to be our first interview exclusively on communication with the spirit of the dead, became 'The Macumba Ritual' story, now available in Second Life in .PDF format, as an Ebook, together with a very nice Slide Show of the interview.
                         - CLICK FOR FRENCH VERSION


We don't wanna to talk about obscure phenomena but we seek to light.    
Is it possible to bring everything into light?
Us, at EyLiot Magazine believe that, we believe there's no darkness, but the absence of light, as science showed us.

Despite many statements of this kind I sincerely can't say all people of Earth possess the natural ability to communicate with the dead. Is one thing that has not been proven. All I can do is let people speak, as long as they are doing that with naturalness, wisdom and common sense, as Abricot did.

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